Go Muck Yourself.

If one could go back to 500 BC and tell the Spartan army that one day their culture of pure bred warriors would be exploited into a “race” by twenty something douchebags that haven’t had to fight for anything except maybe a closer position in line at the most recent Apple launch nor do they do anything physical in their daily lives but pay to go to a gym where you jump on boxes and run in place for an hour so they can be “fit” to stand in line at Whole Foods and browse Netflix, I’m almost certain Leonidas, after giving the person a very stern but deserving slap across the face, would unsheathe his sword, turn it around and slide it right through his heart. 

Paying to crawl around in the mud and climb obstacles just so you can buy a t-shirt and pat your buddies on the back for “accomplishing” something is delusional bullshit. Remember when you did that stuff free of charge as a kid and it was just considered “playing?”

That’s how hard it is.